Christmas Present 2015 by Mark Gibson

Many thanks to Mark Gibson who sent the following article about what he did with our large pirate style chest. It’s sooo good to see boys getting crafty too!!!!

I unscrewed the lid easily from the box in order to paint. I used cheap B&Q White matte paint for the box, and B&Q pink spray paint for the lid, both worked really well.  3 (1) I replaced the lilac string it came with for pink ribbon for £1 from The Range as i accodently got paint on plus didn’t match the colour scheme. Once dried put al back together and added the individual wooden adhesive letters to the front and the butterfly’s to the inside of the lid which were £5 for all, also from The Range. The quality of the box was really good on the outside. The inside on the lid, you will notice the middle beam is slightly wonky and doesnt appear to fit properly, however not massivey noticable and the box itself is really strong. Would say in total buying the box plus the extras its come to £75…. Which is considerably less than a professional and has a personal touch, which looks just as good! I’m happy with the end product overall 🙂 254

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